• 4pm: i'll do my homework at 4:30
  • 5pm: i'll do my homework at 5:30
  • 6pm: i'll do my homework at 7:00
  • 7pm: i'll do my homework at 7:30
  • 8pm: i'll do my homework at 9:00
  • 9pm: i'll do my homework at 9:30
  • 2am: well
  • dogpuncher:

    i am currently suffering from severe lack of kisses, please donate to my cause

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    Anonymous: You can do it! and then when you cross?(is that what it's called?) you know it ill all be worth it

    Thank you for the endless support. It really means a lot to me. And hopefully, I pass. I’m hoping and praying lol #PrayforAngelica

    Anonymous: Energetic, i guess lol. Why so stressed?

    That’s good that you have energy. I’m stressed because I have my sorority’s national like *big* exam on Monday and I’m afraid I haven’t studied hard enough ):

    Anonymous: Merp, how are youuuu

    Merp, stressed. How are you?

    Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.
    ― Bob Dylan  (via cavum)

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    i need a cuddle buddy, must be ok with listening to my music and spending 13 hours in bed together